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Some things should be left undone

Some words should be left unsaid

And so are some feelings should be left unexpressed…

Not everyday is a sunny day nor rainy

But you got to see things in a different perspective

Be positive in whatever you do or feel.

Beautiful things are not always good but good things are ALWAYS beautiful.

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better

Every problem comes to make us or break us but the choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.

Just live this moment with a smile and definitely it brings Cheer…!




Life can be too hard that it gets to a point when you can’t handle any second of it. There are moments when you want to do things your own way but something or someone stops you. It’s like they don’t let you even have options out of it. The times when all you needed is be you, be yourself,even though change is contant, but you still change for the better and not even a single soul sees it the way you do.

Life can be mean, harsh, tough, and pretty screwed up but it takes the strongness in you to make it worthwhile, and be happy and thankful for whatever comes in your way, there will be times when all you want is to be left all alone to have a clear mind but there are times when you need everyone and no one is to be seen. Not everyday everyone will always be there for you, you got to stand in your own two feet and feel like the whole world depends on you, that is when anything tough that comes to you, you will handle it in a very easy way like it’s really nothing to you. never expect anyone to be there for you, don’t depend on anyone but yourself, because your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.
Live your life to the fullest, not everyday is gonna be a bright day…


Always focus on your inner power. Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing, either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Stop focusing on your weaknesses which keeps you in a mental state of negativity. When you are aware and in-tune with your inner source you can shift that mindset when you top into your strength and your true power.

Make peace with the present moment. Life is experienced in the present moment. So many people live their lives in resentment and blame because they are so focused in the past or so caught up above worrying what’s going to happen next in the future. Start to take responsibility for your life and live in the present moment and make peace with it.

Working at staying in the present moment has developed into a daily spiritual practice. I know what matters in my life and when challenges appear, i know how to react and take actions. Sometimes i fail but because am more aware i adapt quickly and overcome the setback. the source of abundance is within us all. We are children of the universe and spiritual beings. Today, no matter where am going, no matter what am doing with it, no matter who I’m with, nothing is more important that that i feel good. Thank you Creator, I love the way i am. And thanks to all the friends who have been with me through my hardest times.