Always focus on your inner power. Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing, either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Stop focusing on your weaknesses which keeps you in a mental state of negativity. When you are aware and in-tune with your inner source you can shift that mindset when you top into your strength and your true power.

Make peace with the present moment. Life is experienced in the present moment. So many people live their lives in resentment and blame because they are so focused in the past or so caught up above worrying what’s going to happen next in the future. Start to take responsibility for your life and live in the present moment and make peace with it.

Working at staying in the present moment has developed into a daily spiritual practice. I know what matters in my life and when challenges appear, i know how to react and take actions. Sometimes i fail but because am more aware i adapt quickly and overcome the setback. the source of abundance is within us all. We are children of the universe and spiritual beings. Today, no matter where am going, no matter what am doing with it, no matter who I’m with, nothing is more important that that i feel good. Thank you Creator, I love the way i am. And thanks to all the friends who have been with me through my hardest times.


6 thoughts on “INNER POWER

  1. ameer

    this is marvelous piece…words that can really change d direction one is headin….I call it positive mental attitude.


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